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Top 5 reasons to choose Yii?

  • Shorten development time
  • Great Security
  • Highly extensible and modern technologies
  • Extreme acceleration for performance
  • CRUD feature and easy form validation


Yii is an open source, object-oriented, component-based MVC PHP web application framework. Yii is pronounced as “Yee” or [ji:] and in Chinese it means “simple and evolutionary” and it can be an acronym for “Yes It Is!”.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern.Generation of complex WSDL service specifications and management of Web service request handling.

The Yii project includes a repository of user-contributed extensions.There was also an official extension library, zii, which was eventually merged with the core framework; it has been bundled in every release since Yii version 1.1.0, and includes additional behaviors and widgets, such as grids and jQuery UI.

Yii comes with a collection of official documentation, such as a tutorial to develop a simple blog application, a guide that gives the description of every feature and a class reference which gives every detail about properties, methods and events.

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